Ok Google, can I talk to the GDL Library?

We are excited to announce that from today, you can access the GDL Library with Google Assistant, using only your voice to interact with the GDL. This is a totally new way for our users to access our platform, giving users the option of asking the assistant to search for books and read books aloud.

How does it work?

If you open your Google Assistant on your phone and say “GDL Library” in any sentence, you will start a conversation with the GDL. For example, you can say: “Can I speak to the GDL Library?”

The assistant can help you search for books and read them for you. For example:

  • To search for a book just name the topic of the book, for example, “dog” or “list books about dogs”.
  • If you want the assistant to read for you, simply use the word “read”. For example “read a book about dogs” or “please read the book Come Back, Cat!”. The assistant will read books out loud and show the illustrations for the relevant page on your screen.
  • You can also ask the Google Assistant to list books on level 1 -4.
  • To exit the conversation, simply say “Goodbye GDL”.

This is how it would look on your screen:

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